About Us

Petition Jobs LLC was formed to meet the staffing needs of ballot initiative campaigns across the country.  As more and more states try to impose new restrictions on the ballot initiative process, it is more important than ever that these Direct Democracy campaigns have access to a well trained and reliable team of petitioners.  That is where we come in.

Our mission is to provide professional petitioners and field directors to every direct democracy campaign aimed at improving state and local government.  Our staff are well versed in the laws dictating the initiative process and they take pride in delivering Legitimate and Verifiable signatures.  

How do we get results like that when so many of our competitors drag in box after box of invalid signatures?  Because our petitioners are Real Employees, not independent contractors.  They are trained well, paid well, and offered benefits like no-cost health insurance.  That allows us to  hold our petitioners to the highest standard and pass the results on to you, the client, so you can sleep soundly knowing your petition is in good hands (literally).